Dual Credit

Dual Credit Payment Due

If you plan on taking a Spring 2020 Dual Credit course, your payment is due by 5:00PM on January 6th, 2020. 

Login/payment instructions:

  • Go to:
  • Username: firstname.lastname (ex. jane.smith)
  • Password: NcYYYYSSSS! (ex. Nc20041234!) (Returning students may only need to use YYYYSSSS for their Password)
  • The Nc is case sensitive (capital N and lower case c) and don’t forget the exclamation point at the end.
  • If you still have issues you will have to contact the OneStop Help Desk at 903-875-7416.

Will my credits transfer?

Check lower division course compatibility across 137 institutions of higher learning in Texas by clicking here.

HHS counselors always recommend that students email the admissions contact at the universities where you wish to apply to ensure that the dual credit courses you register for throughout high school are credits that would benefit your degree plan. 

Dual Credit 2019-2020 Drop Dates:

Students who wish to drop dual credit courses must do so by filling out a Navarro Drop Slip with their HHS counselor. Refunds occur through Navarro's tuition office as follows:

Drop by 9/12=70% refund 

Drop between  9/13-9/18=25% refund

Drop between 9/19-11/15=no refund but can still drop

Navarro Transcript Requests:

Follow the link below to request your Navarro transcript. Please have your Navarro ID number or social security number ready. 

Navarro transcript request


Dual Credit Scholarship Opportunities