College Visit Days for Juniors and Seniors:

Juniors and Seniors are allowed two College Visit days per school year. The student should receive a letter from the college on letterhead showing they were there for an official visit. When student returns to Heritage please bring that letter to the attendance office. A college visit does not count toward the absences allowed by TEA. 

Reporting an absence:

When you need to report a student absence please send an email or call Mrs. Scranton. Students have 2 days to turn in absence notes. After 2 days the absence cannot be excused unless there's a doctor's note.

Student release during the school day:

If you need to pick your student up during the school day please send an email with what time you need student released & a pass will be delivered to them. Remember that if you are coming into the school to pick up your student please bring a valid photo ID. Students cannot be released with a phone call. 

Verification of Enrollment:

Students needing a VOE (Verification of Enrollment) can sign up for one at the Attendance Office between 8 am - 4 pm. If a student owes Attendance Recovery they cannot get their VOE until all of their time is completed. VOE's are good for 30 days. 


Any planned absence over 3 days requires Administrator approval. Please email Mrs. Scranton at least 1 week in advance for approval. Per TEA, students are required to be in attendance for 90% of the semester. If a student exceeds the number of absences allowed per class, the student will be in Attendance Violation and must attend tutoring in order to receive credit for classes.